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Planning – for love? Or to make the gods laugh?

Plan is a four-letter word. All four letter words have an energy about them. I find it good to remember that. My father planned to marry once, forever. How the gods must have chuckled when they heard that for he ended up married three times, divorced twice.

So, who has ever lived the life they planned? Who has lived a day they planned? What is your plan for?

Mine is to experience and expand love.

I find it helpful to remember sometimes that a plan is based on an intention. It is a step between intention and action. Its purpose is to get us towards a specific destination and a specific set of outcomes. It is there to move us in the right direction and give us a quality of experience – but it is not the destination itself.

I remember once I was out walking with a friend in the wilds of Rannoch Moor. Places in the UK don’t come much wilder than there. It is open, raw, untamed and therefore utterly beautiful. Consequently it speaks to those qualities in us, those qualities that make us feel alive and on the edge. It is one of those places that give you a sense of your significance in the universe, how small we are and how vast it is. It’s a land version of the open sea. It speaks to our soul.

We planned to reach a particular peak and after walking an hour or so, I felt it was time to go back. I had experienced all the qualities I was looking for, the exhilaration, the aliveness, the physical exertion, the soul connection. All the important things had been achieved so on the basis of this new level of experience and information, I felt it was time to revise the plan go home. We had a quick chat, and that’s what we did. Body exerted, heart opened, soul enlivened, the plan had achieved its purpose. Mission accomplished.

I still remember it all vividly. What I took from that experience (and endless others) is the importance of not letting a plan be a compulsion.

A plan is a course of action based on current information, so when the information changes, the plan needs to change too. If it doesn’t it is no longer an effective means of delivering the quality of experience you want. Instead of satisfaction and elation you start to experience frustration, hurt and disappointment. You start to become a prisoner in your own self-created prison.

It can be hell.

What’s the alternative?

I find it wonderful to revise my plans frequently when new information comes in, when new things happen, when the unexpected pops my soul open and says ‘hello’. I make a point frequently of checking my plans still feel right. I sit still, listen for my intuition, tune into the feeling of the plan and make adjustments based on that.

The more I sink into and attune myself to my soul’s purpose, the more I find my plans are guided by love. The more I find them guided by love, the easier I find it to revise them, because to revise them is to allow more love in. With more love, the plans get better. I’ve become a diligent plan-reviser.

I love more love. Don’t you?

So, got any good plans?

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