What is #laughteryogawithJoe? What can it do for you?


Dr Kataria, founder of Laughter Yoga, calls #laughteryogawithJoe ‘a pioneering approach’ to laughter yoga.

This #laughteryogawithJoe approach is the practice of joyfulness.

In Douglas Abrams recent book ‘The Book of Joy’ with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, reference is made to research by the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of Glasgow. This suggests there are only four fundamental emotions of which one is positive – joy. (The other three are fear, anger and sadness).

This gives scientific validation, and not just an intuitive feeling, to the value of the practice of joyfulness.

#laughteryogawithJoe uses laughter yoga principles and techniques to achieve this. This approach uses laughter yoga creatively and expansively. It has the specific and articulated intention of welcoming, encouraging and supporting everybody’s unique abilities as they use laughter yoga on their path to joyfulness.

Because it follows principles, it is flexible approach rather than rigid one. It provides a framework, not a formula. It welcomes creativity and spontaneity. It allows, encourages and precipitates natural, spontaneous and joyful expressions of life – which include plenty of laughter.

‘A breath of fresh air in the laughter yoga world’ is how one Laughter Yoga Master Trainer described it recently.

Naturally, all emotions are welcome as sometimes there are tears too, tears of release. Laughing and crying are closely relatives on our emotional spectrum. Both have the effect of deepening our breath. As breathing exercises are central to yoga, even crying becomes yogic – but laughter yoga has much more laughing than crying.

The principles include:

  • embodiment,
  • breath, and
  • smiling.

In a joyful, expansive and playful environment, these principles lead inevitably and easily to natural, genuine spontaneous laughter.


Why? Because they bring us into the ‘Now’ in a good-natured, open-hearted, and embodied way (think: mindfulness). One result is connection, both with ourself and others. With gentle guiding and occasional ‘exercises’, this has the potential to blossom into into a freer, fuller, richer experience of being alive.

In other words, more joy.

I’d love to hear your own views and feelings and experiences. I always reply to comments here.


Read Dr Kataria’s full preface to ‘Laughter yoga and Happiness: 7 insights from 15 years of laughter yoga’  in the book here

More details on the #laughteryogawithJoe approach here

Book #laughteryogawithJoe for your next conference / event – details here

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3 thoughts on “What is #laughteryogawithJoe? What can it do for you?

  1. Karen McCabe

    A great blog. I loved the fresh perspective you brought to laughter yoga. Expansive is the word! I feel that exercises are an excellent framework but we all have our unique qualities to add. Differentiation allows us to meet the needs and interests of others do much more. I personally love meditation, mindfulness and energy work. To be able to add these tolls to laughter yoga gives me do much scope and J feel I can now connect more with my existing clients who would probably never consider trying laughter yoga.

    1. Joe Hoare Post author

      Yes, thank you Karen.
      To me, laughter yoga is most effective when it allows, supports and encourages our individual creativity. In reality, we all combine it with the various other skills/insights/practices/etc that we have, and I feel this is wonderful.
      TY again

  2. Grace

    I have been drawn to comment on this blog: “What is Laughter Yoga with Joe ? – What can it do for you ?”
    however, in consideration of my rather deep emotional intelligence – it is difficult for me not to over personalise my response – especially given recent sad events in my own life. However, this blog has truly moved me to take a look inside my mind and inspect the nature of my emotions more closely. The fundamental message of the value of joyfulness as a practice has alerted me to the notion that such an approach could be a forceful antidote to life’s ‘slings and arrows’. The sudden loss of my well beloved dog up against a period (rather ironically) of my dabbling in daily Laughter Yoga practices has highlighted to me my innate predisposition to be more comfortable in sad introspection. I had little mind capacity to persist in developing an alternative approach to life matters beyond my control.
    I should close by saying that your simple invitation (an approach I have always admired) from within your groups to people such as myself to cultivate joy within themselves and to activate thought patterns surrounding goodness and happiness have offered me a healthy alternative life perspective. This helps me daily in my interactions with others and is having a positive effect on my overall well being. It also rather touchingly has helped me in the loss of my dear old companion albeit difficult dog – George. Thank you.


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