7 tips for more happiness, part 5

People often want to laugh more:

  • To be more cheerful, sociable, and appreciated
  • For resilience-building & stress-busting
  • To become more mindful and happier

Consequently, ‘How do I laugh more?’ is still one of their most common questions, in coaching, on courses, and in team sessions.
This is the fifth in the series of 7 quick tips on how to use nls: natural laughter skills and laughter yoga for more laughter in your life.

Tip 5: ‘Use your head’

We sometimes forget our head is a good slave but bad master. Used right, it is a powerful psychological tool for resilience, mindfulness and happiness.
We can use our head to change our mind and improve our mood. Affirmations use, focus on and repeat particular thoughts so we to trick ourselves into feeling happier, more resourceful and more resilient, and therefore genuinely become so.
As recent research shows, “Practitioners who are interested in using self-affirmation …….might be interested to know that the strategy produces measurable neurophysiological effects.”

I like the phrase ‘I feel great’.

003Particularly when combined with an upbeat posture, this produces profound effects. When I was in China, I used this phrase with stunningly unexpected results at a University, with both students and teaching staff. Within 24 hours, they had adopted it as their slogan and were using it publicly.

They were genuinely more cheerful, less stressed and happier.



The other fundamental way to use our head for mindfulness, stress-busting and resilience-building is to remember to stop occasionally in our pursuit of goals, and simply be aware. Research keeps increasing the list of known benefits, at work and more widely in life.

Using our head as a tool in this way is a never-ending practice. In ‘Full Awareness’ when we combine affirmation practices with other practices like breathing, relaxation, visualisation and other nls: natural laughter skills and laughter yoga practices, we start to develop a fuller range for our stress-busting, resilience-building and mindfulness toolkit.

An invariable consequence of this is that we also start to laugh more. In general the more we laugh, the better we feel. The better we feel, the more resourced we become, and so we build ourselves a virtuous circle.

Why not use your head to laugh more?


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