‘How can laughter help you find your life’s purpose?’

The very short answer to this ‘How?’ question is: – because nls: natural laughter skills and laughter yoga are energising.
The longer answer is:

  • The more energised you are, the more alive you feel, and the more mindful & present you become.
  • The more mindful & present you are, the more connected you become to yourself, to others, and to the bigger picture of life.
  • The more connected you are, the more your natural spontaneity, kindness and creativity flourish, and the more aware & intuitive you become.

In this aware and intuitive state, whether induced by coaching, training, workshops, webinars or talks, people find clarity.

My own personal mindfulness & clarity practice is:

  • breathe (deep, slow, from the belly)
  • stretch (sitting or standing, involve the whole body)
  • smile (especially around the eyes)
  • feel / be aware (engage your full awareness).

Other benefits that this state induces include a reduction in stress and anxiety, an easing of depression, and a boost for health, optimism, resilience and general sense of wellbeing.

‘After a weekend surrounded by gorgeous people in a gorgeous atmosphere I feel energised, bright and totally alive.
Because of this clarity people become inspired. They also find the courage to do what their intuition has been guiding them towards.

What these practises also do, as described in ‘Awakening the Laughing Buddha within is help maintain this energy and clarity.

‘You are left with the sense at the end of it that there are two kinds of people in the world: those who live very ordinary, mundane lives, and those who have managed to tap into their own immense potential for living it so much better, and so much more.’ (Eddie Lennon, author)

2012 23rd Sept 088 - Copy

We all have the ability to access this immense potential, to gain clarity, and find our own life’s purpose.
Mine is to spread cheerfulness, to help us cheer up and enjoy life more – and to help you find your own life’s purpose.

Please let me know if I can help.

Useful resources include:
Action for Happiness


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