The Laughie

I have been a Laughter Yoga practitioner for 18 years and now also teach the Laughie.

Here are some tips, laughs with my own Laughie, and one with a client.

The Laughie (created by Freda Gonot-Schoupinsky) is a mood-lifting tool. I have used it for over 18 months.

It is a 1-minute recording of my own laughter (though sometimes with others) which I play back to myself and laugh along with to give myself a mood lift.

When I first started using it, I followed the prescription of 3 times a day for a week and loved it.

Over time I have adapted it. I have made several versions which incorporate other people’s laughs as I find this makes my own Laughie funnier and more enjoyable. This makes it more effective for me.

Here is a recent version

Another adaptation is use it to give myself a mood lift in the morning by listening to it while cleaning my teeth. Even though I am listening and not laughing I find this gives me a noticeable tonic. It sets the scene for me to laugh with it.

When introducing people to the Laughie I often laugh along with them when they make their first one as this can help them laugh for a minute. It also tends to make their own Laughie funnier and more authentic and therefore easier for them to use and keep using.

Here is Wendy Arkless’ Laughie

I also encourage them to keep developing and adapting it after their initial three times a day for a week experience. I find this personalisation is important as it helps people keep using it.

Nowadays I use it at random when I need a quick mood lift. Having used and taught it for over a year, I am aware of what a useful tool it is.

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