Tantric/Kundalini/Satipatthana laughter yoga

How often do you focus on your breath while laughing?

I was introduced to tantric, kundalini and satipatthana breathing practices long before my connection with Dr Kataria’s wonderful Global Laughter Yoga Movement. In fact in the 1980’s the first piece of Mind Body Spirit advice I was given included ‘…..and learn to breathe’.

At the time this seemed a laughable and nonsense piece of advice until shortly afterwards I ‘discovered’ diaphragmatic breathing and my life transformed. Once I has relearnt this fundamental breathing practice I happened across precussive trantric, kundalini and satipatthana breathing techniques. What they had in common was movement, shaking and short sharp exhalations throwing the ‘ha’ sound. They all involved short sharp abdominal movements. They are all intended to develop inner awareness and our inner spirit.

Is the connection with laughter yoga becoming clear?

Conscious laughing can be developed in the same way as conscious breathing. Many laughter exercises focus on the laughter rather than the breath, and this is great. The many health & wellbeing benefits we experience through good, deep, hearty laughter are fundamental to all laughter practices especially laughter yoga.

However, the experience changes when the focus for these exercises is internal not external. There are ways of moving the laughter breath which expand our inner awareness and develop the inner spirit of laughter. As all of us who use breath and inner energy know, this exploration keeps getting better. It is always new, exciting, life-enhancing, health-giving and connecting. I recommend it.

The key, as ever, is practice.


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