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What’s joy got to do with it?

Just over 11 months ago I started interviewing people about joy.

I ask 2 basic questions:

  • what is joy to you? What does it mean to you?
  • How important is it to you?

On facebook (@laughteryogawithjoe) these have been viewed 48,027 times.

They are also on YouTube

I have asked many people from the laughter yoga community and many other wellbeing and spiritual pioneers including:

‘Extreme Pilgim’ Peter Owen Jones

‘Peace Pilgrim’ Satish Kumar

‘Spiritual Whisperer’ William Bloom

‘Kindness’ author Dr David Hamilton PhD

‘Laughter Yoga Guru’ Dr Madan Kataria

One answer in common is joy is an inside job.

I hope their experiences inspire you to look inside.

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