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Say hello to your creative muses – do something different.

I was reminded by a friend fresh off his NLP course recently about the value of doing things differently.
Magic happens when we break out of routine – our minds freshen up, we get fresh insights, our creative muses often visit. On a course a while back one participant told of a company department where for a month everyone had to take a different route to work. The expected result was their creative output increased. The unexpected result was weight loss. What’s the moral here? – the unexpected brings unexpected results.
I decided last night to take up a practice I used to do regularly when I was a countryside dweller, which is walking at night, midnight rambles. I set off round the park and the more I walked, the more my creative muses visited. They’ve even encouraged me to blog more.
Night is a magic time to walk. All our senses are sharper because we’re in the unknown, we can’t mooch along in a usual daytime semi-unconscious reverie because we need to be alert. This alertness opens our consciousness, and I found my muses pouring in idea after idea. Even better, they linked up all kinds of ‘dots’, showing me how to connect up different threads I’ve been pursuing this past year. I’ve had a busy year running nls: natural laughter skills courses, and my muses showed me how to develop these further make the experiences even more accessible and valuable to participants.
In fact, next time, I’ll have to take a notebook because so many came through that I forgot some of them.
I’ve come to realise that my muses want to visit, they want to implant their ideas, and although they come on their own timetable (which is sometimes 4am, that magic time when our conscious brain is most switched off – be prepared for disturbed night’s sleep, folks), they will visit at more social times too – provided we’re ready and open to them. However, you do need to be prepared to stop what you were doing and receive their inspiration otherwise they might move on and it’ll be lost.
The magic is that by setting up a receptive lifestyle and mindset, muses will visit you more often too, which is an uplifting and joyful experience. My inner Laughing Buddha smiled.
I’d love to hear your experiences.

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The laugh at the end of the tunnel.

The revolution is underway. It’s on television. It’s on the radio. It’s in social media. It’s happening. Yes, every day, people are being ‘turned’ by the healing power of laughter.

It’s a revolution because through nls: natural laughter skills, laughter yoga, the healing power of laughter and others, laughter is being explored like yoga and meditation. It is being explored as a way of promoting your own health, wellbeing and happiness.

Laughter used to be viewed to something that only happened when something was funny – so, nothing funny, no laughter. How sad was that? There can be long pauses between funninesses, long no-laughing gaps. How depressing.

This started to change big time in the 1970’s after Norman Cousins’ experiences (‘Anatomy of an Illness’) when he laughter himself well. The change speeded up from the mid 1990’s when Dr Kataria started Laughter Yoga. The impetus is gathering all the time – laughter is good for your health.

Laughter is especially good for your spiritual health. It liberates your consciousness, opens your heart, helps you connect and communicate better – in short, it connects you with your innate joyfulness. Your laughter becomes not the destination but your way of travelling. Taoists call this ‘laughter readiness’, ready at a moment’s notice to roar with laughter at the absurdity and ridiculousness of life, and the perfect counterpoint to crying about it?

There are wheels within wheels:

– You can train yourself to laugh more.

– The more you laugh, the more things you find to laugh about.

– The more you laugh, the funnier life gets.

– The more you laugh, the happier you become. ‘We don’t laugh because we’re happy, we’re happy because we laugh’ observed the psychologist William James. It’s a fine way of travelling.

Happy travels to you all.

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‘Be impeccable with your words’ – do yours matter?

Because I recently heard don Miguel Ruiz being interviewed by Phil Cartwright, I became interested in his book ‘The Four Agreements’. I then came across don Miguel Ruiz again, this time being interviewed on Oprah, and agreement no. 1 is ‘Be impeccable with your word’.

Yes. Oh yes. This is a path to happiness and delight, whereas lying rots the soul.

I still squirm inside when I recall a huge bare-faced lie I told my father many years ago after I’d been expelled from Eton. I was supposed to have no contact with any of my mates there but of course I did, and was found out. Thinking on my feet, I concocted a cock-and-bull story about how I was trying to warn them not to make the same mistakes I’d made (when in fact I was wanting them to carry on making them, and to be sure to keep including me).
Because my father loved me, he chose to believe me, and every time I heard him backing up my story, I died inside a little more. Even now I squirm, feel the tinge of shame. It was not my finest hour, he says, breathing deeply through the shame.

I now use my words with care.
The reason I am so careful now about what I say and commit to is because to me, when I say ‘yes’ or ‘no’, I feel I am committing my whole life. 100%. Nothing less. My own words put me on the line. My own line. I am my own defence and prosecution, my own judge and jury. There is nowhere for me to hide.
My words are not transitory sounds on the waffling waves of life – on my own personal timeline they represent me, ME, my energetic reality, my Truth. Indelibly. Even if everyone else has forgotten them, I still remember.
And I know ultimately there is a reckoning, my own reckoning, I need to face.

When I lie (which, yes, peeps, I have been known to do 🙂 🙂 🙂 ), when I tell a bare-faced lie, I feel ill. I feel my being going into recoil with distaste. It is an extremely unpleasant feeling, it is self-abusive and it is a toxic bomb going off in my deepest me. It is horrid, and it diminishes me, and takes a lot of breathing through. I’ve already got a shedload of lies I need to be at peace with, at Truth with.
I don’t want to make this any harder than it is already going to be.
So now I tell as few lies as possible, as seldom as possible, to myself and anyone else. This also means behaving in as Truthful a way as possible because you don’t to have to tell a lie if you don’t have anything to lie about.

So when I tell you ‘I love you’, or ‘Yes’, or ‘No’, I mean it. I am putting my whole being on the line, and I welcome you here.

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