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How to change your thinking without thinking about it

There is a knack to this.
So often we think that to change our thinking we have to concentrate on our thinking. We forget dear old Albert Einstein’s observation: ‘We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.’ What is likely to happen, I’ve observed, is that our old thinking simply re-appears through the back door so we end up moving the same furniture around the same room without changing anything significant.
Worse, we can end up reinforcing and justifying our original thinking. Can you think of anyone you know like this?
Moi – oui, I can 🙂
The apparently counter-intuitive approach is to be experiential, to explore body consciousness, to be mindful in a non-attached way. The surest route to change your life from being a thinking-based one to an experience-based one is through the body. Get physical. Bring your attention into your physicality as well as your thinking process – move, stretch, breathe, play, sigh, groan, sing, dance, dance, dance. Become 100% involved in the physicality of your being as well as your thoughts & feelings, bring all your attention, and a smidgeon more, into whatever it is you’re doing. Even, especially, into the most mundane ones.
And periodically check your awareness so you’re present without being lost.
Do this regularly and you’ll find magic – and you’ll find you’ve changed your thinking without thinking about it.

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Be an abundance magnet

I am. I have become one. I have come to realise I experience abundance all the time. I specifically include financial abundance. I never, ever, lack anything. Whenever I need something, it always appears.
Financially, this happens all the time. When I need £$£$ for a break, car, computer, whatever, it always appears. It just does.
When I need loving, support, emotional warmth, all things physical and non-physical, they also just appear.
It’s only taken me all my life to twig this, and the tip I can give you is ‘Service’. When you commit yourself 101% to ‘Service’, you’re entering a contract with the Universe, and happily, the Universe never breaks contracts.
The knack in this tip is getting out of the way, and for that all you need do is practice. If these words resonate with you, just keep practicing. I do every day.
I’m happy to practice with you. Come and say hello.

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